Seduction Bible: Become a Charming Misogynist & Sleep with Beautiful Women

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Over 3,597+ Action-Taking Badasses From 132 Countries have ALREADY Made the Small Investment Into The Seduction Bible to Sleep with Fun, Feminine, and Beautiful Women Instantly! 🤯

And Today - You Get Instant, Lifetime Access To The Same Borderline-Illegal Hacks & Methods that allow you to Effortlessly Sleep with Beautiful, Feminine Girls BEFORE you are left with blue-haired feminists who will cost you millions of $$$$ in divorce and false accusations

(or your money back)

Now, I'm about to make a BOLD statement, so please PREPARE yourself.


Yes, you've heard the phrase from me before.

It's probably what got you to check out this program.

It's what every "dating gorooo" on the internet preaches about.

But I'm here to tell you,


Because you see,

"GETTING" laid implies that YOU got LUCKY.

"GETTING" laid means attracting the girl was "an ACCIDENT", out of your control.

"GETTING" laid means you "got something from the girl" like a needy beta male.

"GETTING" laid means she did you "a favor"



I don't teach guys "luck"

I teach men:


Techniques, principles, and word-for-word hacks that attract beautiful women EVERYWHERE YOU GO.

And you will be able to do it-


I want to transform you into the KIND OF MAN for whom women fight over,

The kind of man who women obsess over,

The kind of man who women CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF.

The kind of man who can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants because "he wants to" and STILL Make Girls Hooked to Him.

And MORE Importantly,

The Kind of Man who is doing all this while crushing his goals,

creating incredible memories with his amazing social circle,

and DOMINATING his purpose, living a life of COMPLETE FREEDOM.

That's what I want for you.

All Men Want to BE YOU and All Women Want to BE WITH YOU.

What Does It Mean To Be a "Charming Misogynist"? 🤔

As a man, you lie somewhere on the "Nice guy-Asshole Curve"

Let’s talk about the EXTREME end of the NICE GUY curve,

wherein lies, “Nice Guy Nathan”

The thing about Nice Guy Nathan is:

  • NGN wants to be liked by everyone
  • NGN is always hiding his sexual intent
  • NGN is afraid of losing a woman
  • NGN is always apologizing for things he’s NOT sorry about
  • NGN is ashamed of his sexual desires as a warm blooded man.

NGN’s end up in the friend-zone

And the truth is, About 90% of guys are Nathan’s (Sorry if your name is actually Nathan 🤣)


Lies: “Asshole Andrew”

  • AA tries to be the ALPHA in every situation.
  • AA tries to compensates for his small pee-pee by being aggressive with women.
  • AA watches Tate tiktoks all day with his sigma male gym bros
  • AA calls women b!tches because it’s “cool“

AA’s end up on a #metoo case and gets accused of sexual harassment by women.

ENTER... The Charming Misogynist:


Let’s Call This Guy... Charming Misogynist MR

  • MR adores women, but doesn’t worship them.
  • MR is curious about a woman, but never sold on her.
  • MR is never tries to impress, instead always express his most badass self.
  • MR is comfortable talking about sex because to him, it’s the most natural thing in this world
  • MR is never needy because he knows a new girl turns 18 every single day.

MR treats all women like 10 year olds.

He doesn’t take them seriously.

But when he DOES give his attention,

MR tells her about her deepest fears, her biggest dreams, and explains her reality to her better than she can herself.

Because while he was appearing aloof all this time, He was listening to her.

Not her words, but HER.

MR takes women on a rollercoaster of emotions.

One moment she’s laughing,

the next she’s pissed off,

then she’s wet,

then she’s jaw-dropped,

and before she knows it, she’s in love.

MR makes every woman feel like he’s known her forever.

Women HATE that they LOVE that MR is freely, shamelessly, himself.

In a world of misery, MR is a beacon of badassery.

In a world of woman-haters, MR is a womanizer.

MR believes that our world is still as beautiful as it always has been.

And THAT is what makes him a Charming Misogynist.

But... Why The Term "Misogynist"?

We live in a world of woman-haters.

These are BOTH weak men AND frustrated women who HATE CHARMING MEN because you sleep with the most attractive women and develop healthy associations with them.

They will call you a "misogynist" for fulfilling your true sexual desires as a man.

And they will shame you because YOU ARE SO GOOD.

They will try to gaslight you into feeling like a misogynist for GIVING WOMEN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCES.


And that's exactly why we WEAR THEIR ATTACK like ARMOR.

We embrace it.

  • If being able to sleep with her on the first date is misogynistic?
  • If treating sex as the most natural thing on earth is misogynistic?
  • If being able to treat women as #4 and putting your purpose as #1 is misogynistic?
  • If being able to live true to your masculine desires as a warm-blooded man is misogynistic?
  • If sleeping around with multiple women at the same time (The women know about it) is misogynistic?
  • If not taking any bs from a woman no matter how attractive she is because we have multiple options with other equally attractive women is misogynistic?

Cool, call me a misogynist.

Weak men will call you a misogynist because "You're promoting the hookup culture!"

Translation: I can't get these girls so I don't want you to get them either.

Frustrated women will call you a misogynist because "You are taking advantage of young, immature women"

Translation: I'm way past my prime so I'm jealous of young, beautiful women getting all the attention from men like you"

But something interesting with happen....

The Strong Men will start admiring you.

and The Beautiful Women? They're gonna start DESIRING you.

If that's the tradeoff I have to make? For losers to despise me and winners to respect me?


That's a tough decision...


Call me a MISOGYNIST. By all means.


Charming Misogynists are SINCERE in their seduction.

You flirt with her, touch her, escalate the conversation towards sleeping with her...


But she can't call you out on it because

it's effortless,

it's smooth,

its playful,

it's light,

it's fun,

It's something out of the ordinary,

It's the first time a man's made her feel that way.

Charming Misogynists are the NEW Womanizers of 2024.

Can I Share My Story With You?

I'll be honest with you.

Up until a few years ago, I was the guy who girls didn't want to touch with a 10-foot-pole.

I had a bunch of friends from childhood who didn't respect me, but I stuck with them anyway for two reasons:

  1. Because I didn't know how to make new ones, and
  2. I liked someone giving a fvck about me.

I couldn't ask someone in the street for directions if my life depended on it, so I was happy to be the "sidekick", the "male bestfriend", the "nice guy"

One of the girls in my locality liked me, I had no idea why. But looking back, I realise it was because she wanted to get back on her toxic ex boyfriend.

(She wanted to pick the biggest loser to make her ex mad)

I didn't know it at that time, and frankly, I didn't care.

I loved her a lot and she loved me back. (or so I thought)

Life was fine.


I had just found out that the supposed love of my life had cheated on me with my best friend.

All the time, dedication and heart wrenching love poured into a relationship...

All ended up fuelling the most depressed time of my life.

I still remember that day.

I couldn’t live with the shame and pain.

"What will my friends say?"

"How will I even go out in public anymore?"

For the next few days, I sat on my couch, play video games all day, and jerked off every night before i cried myself to sleep.

I couldn't take it any longer.

The pain was too much man.


To describe myself as an empty shell of who I was, was an extreme understatement.

In a moment like this I had two options-

I could call it quits, waste all the effort my loved ones took, disrespect my bloodline, and end my life.

Or I could muster the strength to rise to the occasion and get back at life and my evil ex.

Post traumatic stress or post traumatic growth.

The decision was mine.

But the little courage that I had left inside, somehow, it gave me hope.

I couldn’t go down like this.


I decided to rise against the odds and screamed so loud that the neighbors were about the call the cops.



I kept my feet down and worked on my game for the next 6 months.

I bought tons of courses, joined bootcamps, many of which were absolutely trash PUA sh*t that doesn’t work.

It hurt even more because I had borrowed money from my family members to fund my "education" in game. (I was broke as a joke)

But through practice, failure, and refinement, I changed my introverted self into an extrovert.

I built my social circle during the day and partied hard with them at night- where I approached and slept with beautiful women.

6 months later, I made that ex my f*ckbuddy, till I got bored of her and dumped her. I moved to a different city, where she FOLLOWED me.

I banged her there for a while as well and dumped her again.


But at this point, I didn’t even care.

I was drowning in attention and devotion from beautiful women & connecting with powerful men everywhere I went.

I made a name in the event promoter industry and started multiple businesses with these powerful men.

I SAW the power of psychology, persuasion, game, and influence.

And keep in mind, I'm not genetically gifted in any aspect. (Except maybe my determination to keep fvcking going)

I know what it's like to have everything taken from you and come out stronger, better, badass-er.

When the pandemic struck and I jumped online, I saw just how PATHETIC most guys were.

I realized that My story was not unique, and that MILLIONS of dudes were going through the same thing I went through.

It STRUCK A DEEP CHORD INSIDE ME when I heard guys tell me stories of girls cheating, millions being taken away from divorce, child custody snatched away, the happiness of their life destroyed, and much worse incidents.

Incidents that could've EASILY BEEN PREVENTED.

If... They knew what I knew.


Look, I'm not a magazine fitness model.

I don't belong to a rich family,

and I don't have horse sized genitals.

In fact, I'm not even 6 feet tall!

Shocking, right?

And yet, If you knew what I know now, after years of rejections and struggle, you will realize that women REALLY don't care about ANY of that.

Women respond to the SAME Attraction signals that they've responded to For MILLIONS OF YEARS.

Game removes their layers of social conditioning and gets them in touch with their INNER FEMININE SPIRIT.

The feminine spirit who just wants a man who can LEAD, CHALLENGE, DOMINATE, AND LIGHT UP HER WORLD.

And once you start effortlessly sleeping with beautiful women as I did, you start to realise that life, and game, is SO MUCH BIGGER than just women.

Game is about creating incredible experiences with women who are devoted to you.

And doing all this while crushing your goals, creating incredible memories with your amazing social circle, and DOMINATING your purpose, as you live a life of COMPLETE FREEDOM.

And If you've been hurt like me before, or going through something similar right now...

I want you to know from personal experience-

If you don't do anything about the pain, it only grows stronger and deadlier. 💔

Which is why...

I'm FINALLY Revealing ALL MY SECRETS Inside The Seduction Bible.

The Secrets That Have Helped The 3,479+ Badasses Inside Seduction Bible Sleep with Beautiful Women Wherever they go!

And you know what?

These are all guys just like you.

Many were EVEN WORSE OFF before they got their hands on the Seduction Bible.

Has This EVER Happened to You?

➤ You've felt lonely when you look at your male friends going on dates with attractive women

➤ You've felt approach anxiety and don’t know what to talk about with women.

➤ You've wanted to get out of the Friendzone.

➤ You've gotten flaked on a lot, last minute, by girls who you thought "were the one"

➤ You've wanted to move things forward with girls you've known for a while now.

➤ You were unable to escalate the conversation verbally & physically towards sex.

➤ You've wanted to be sexual with women without coming off as creepy.

➤ You've faced last-minute resistance from women in bed.

➤ You've struggled to respond to her Shit-Tests.

➤ You've wanted to create an incredible social circle of high-value men and beautiful women.

➤ You've wanted to DESTROY your inner introvert and confidently talk to people.

➤ You've been unable to keep the conversation flowing.

➤ You've wanted REVENGE on that *ONE GIRL* who did you wrong.

➤ You want to have multiple beautiful women you can choose from.

➤ You're on a journey towards becoming a Desirable and Attractive Man.

➤ You want to take Action, but Don't Know Where to Learn Game

➤ You want to say "FVCK YOU!" to the Haters.

If that resonated with you,

Seduction Bible is EXACTLY the Solution You've Been Looking For.

➤ You might’ve recently gotten out of a toxic relationship and just need to get back into dating again.

➤ You might want to bed that cutie in your high school/university.

➤ You might be a young man who wants to learn Game & Seduction to have options of women he can choose from.

➤ You could even be a Man in your 30s-40s wanting to explore the dating market again.

➤ You could be a Virgin with ZERO experience.

(Seriously, even if you’ve never held hands with a girl, this course will get you up to speed. Because it focuses on changing WHO YOU ARE first: changing your Mindset & Identity)

➤ You could be the guy who spent all of his 20s focusing on your career, got to where you wanted to and now want to have some fun without wasting any more time

➤ You could be a Shy introvert who are sick and tired of losing to the extroverted popular guys

➤ You could be the dude who's had enough of settling for girls you're not really interested in

➤ You could even be already pretty good with women but you want the types of women you really desire.

➤ Heck, you could even be a happily married man who wants to reignite the passion with his wife.

Imagine Destroying your Weaknesses and Learning to Tap into Hacks That Would get you Beautiful Women, Whenever YOU Wanted...

Would That Be Worth Investing In?

> Get Instant, Lifetime Access

Your Soulmate DOESN'T Exist

Listen carefully.

Times have changed.

A few years ago, the concept of magically finding your soulmate was REAL.

And I’ll tell you exactly why it was real.

It was real because there was NO OTHER WAY of meeting women.

You only met in real life, face-to-face, probably at a local fair or at a community event.

You were the ONLY guy she was talking to.

So… There was a period of "FINDING" and "MAGICALLY REALIZING" whether you both were soulmates or not.

But now?

With social media, with dating apps, with cultural brainwashing designed to turn women into Sl*ts?

Women aren’t just talking to ONE DUDE at any given time.

They’re talking to TEN.

and All ten dudes are trying to get the same thing from her.

I know you think that you’re gonna eventually magically find your soulmate,

And that you will live happily ever after.

But I’m here to tell you…

You’ve probably already met her.

And she's in another man’s dick right now.

you met her, she was intrigued by you. You had her attention but you couldn’t keep her interested.

You couldn’t put yourself out there in a way that was attractive.

You couldn’t “game” her.

So while you sit here waiting to find out if she magically realizes she’s your soulmate?

Some other dude who used my techniques inside The Seduction Bible is fvcking her RIGHT NOW.

She's screaming his name out loud right now.

A name that SHOULD have been YOURS.

A name that WOULD have been YOURS.


I’m not saying this to insult you.

I’m putting it in a brutal way because I CARE ABOUT YOU.

Society has fed you lies for years, since the day you were born.

“Be a nice guy and the right girl will come”

I don’t believe in soft lies.

I believe in giving the HONEST, BRUTAL TRUTH.

The world has changed, my man.

And every day you’re not learning game, is one more day that those TEN, perhaps even 100 guys ARE.

And they are getting the unfair edge over you.


Yes, it IS in your CONTROL.

if you’re with me so far, continue reading.

If not, go back to Disneyland.

So... How Does Seduction Bible Achieve its BOLD Promise?

Seduction Bible has over 33 Guides covering EVERYTHING you will EVER Need to become a PERCEIVABLE High-Value Man & to Sleep with Beautiful Women.

To become successful with Women, Amass Wealth & DOMINATE your life.

But simply having guides laid out doesn’t mean shit.

You need direction.

There needs to be a STEP-BY-STEP process to transform you into a NATURAL.

Which is why, All the guides inside the Seduction Bible are divided into 4 Weeks.

Most Guys have gotten results within the same week of getting access to these hacks which lay in their BACK POCKET, 24X7.

Some guys have even gotten resultsON THE SAME DAY.

It completely depends on your own pace.

But I guarantee, in 4 weeks, you'll be unrecognizable to your family, friends, and the women in your life.

Week 1: Transforming your Self Image & Becoming a PERCEIVABLE High-Value Man.

This is the FOUNDATIONAL Week.

Until you change who you see yourself as, none of the HACKS you learn will work.

Because they’re still coming from a place of self-pity, low value mindsets, and mediocre habits.

Which is why, I will COMPLETELY change your identity:

✅ Self Image Transformation ($200 Value)

✅ Fascinating Questions to Destroy your Inner B*tch ($197 Value)

Habit Tracker ($80 Value)

✅ Terrific Thought Loops ($210 Value)

✅ Recommended Reading [Censored]

But You still hold deep resentment for women.

Heartbreaks, Rejections, Trauma, Misunderstandings, I’ve seen it all.

I’ve been there. Which is why, This Section is important.

Once you’re done with this section, you will KNOW MORE about women than women know about themselves.

Once you understand women, you no longer fear, hate, or feel nervous around them.

You love women, you want women, BUT YOU DON’T NEED THEM.

And now, it’s time to turn you into a High-Value Man.

Not just on paper, but OBVIOUSLY VISIBLE.

People should look and you and instantly go "Yes, he's indeed high-value"

Because the world is filled with men who are high-value on paper but losers in the eyes of the world.

It's 2024, perception is everything.

The goal isn’t just to get laid. The goal is to BECOME A NATURAL.

And one of the most important parts of becoming a natural is to learn what the ELITES know.

To learn their behaviours, to do what they do, to speak like they speak, to know about the world like they do.

✅ High Value Body Language ($263 Value)

✅ Foundational Appearance, Personality, Behavior ($154 Value)

Psychology Secrets- Business, Dating & Life ($169 Value)

✅ Recommended Reading- [Censored]

✅ Action Step Cheatsheet

Week 2: Building your Social Circle of Badass Men & Beautiful Women

This is BY FAR, My favourite section.

We’re at a point in human history now, that people like to be around people they know, like and trust.

Social Circle is the present, and will be the future.

Because social circle COMPOUNDS.

Because through a Social Circle, you meet the BEST QUALITY GIRLS, Network with the HIGHEST-VALUE MEN, and create the MOST INCREDIBLE MEMORIES.

Getting laid is easy. Having your life in order is what separates experts from amateurs.

✅ Introvert to Extrovert in 6 Steps ($207 Value)

Social Circle & Life Audit ($250 Value)

The Social Circle Bible ($310 Value)

The Friendzone Destruction Bible ($392 Value)

✅ Masculine Frame Control & Conversational Dominance ($347 Value)

✅ Metaphor Mastery ($280 Value)

The Social Anxiety Destroyer: Weekly Planner ($197 Value)

✅ Recommended Watch [Censored]

Week 3: Getting Laid Effortlessly, Consistently, and Building Healthy Relationships with Quality Women

This is what you’ve been waiting for, haven’t you.

The System to Get Laid FAST.

Now that you have changed your self image, become higher value, and internalised the CORRECT beliefs about women, You are READY.

You can open your phone, tap 3

Well, Here it is!

✅ The Cold Approach Bible ($1097 Value)

✅ Rejection Proof Signals of Female Attraction ($539 Value)

✅ Smooth Operator: Dates ($497 Value)

✅ Recommended Watch

Getting laid is EASY.

Sleeping with Beautiful women consistently? That's a whole different level.

Once I get you laid, I'll teach you what it takes to effortlessly have multiple women ready to drop everything just to meet you and see you.

✅ The Texting Bible ($197 Value)

Fatal Texting Mistakes that Half your Dates ($217 Value)

✅ The Shit Tests Annilator ($294 Value)

Words that Make her Dripping Wet ($299 Value)

Charismatic Questions that make Women Open up ($490 Value)

✅ Recommended Show- [CENSORED]

Now, Every man who gets his fair share of sleeping around with women comes to a point where he realises:

Women are so much more than just "sex objects" like most low value guys make them out to be.

Creating incredible memories and sharing intimate moments with beautiful women while you dominate your purpose will make your heart smile.

But to experience the best in women, I'll prepare you to face the WORST, and ease past it EFFORTLESSLY.

Female Manipulation & Preventing it ($420 Value)

✅ Recommended Reading- [Censored]

✅ Action Step Cheatsheets

Week 4- Word-for-Word Hacks & Borderline Illegal Techniques to Sleep with 9s & 10s & Become a Charming Misogynist

This is THE MOST POWERFUL Section inside the Seduction Bible.

But I needed to make you wait 3 weeks before going through it.

The reason?

You have DEVELOPED the CONTEXT of being a high-value man.

Everything you say now is not “fake”, it’s WHO YOU ARE.

And when you use these words from those angles,


NOW that your mindset has been changed, and you’ve become a High-you can learn these word-for-word hacks.

You’re a High-Value Man who Loves the Feminine, Who Has an AMAZING SOCIAL CIRCLE & Lifestyle-

which is why these word-for-word HACKS will work SUPREMELY WELL.

✅ The Bible of Spark ($977 Value)

✅ Make her Dripping Wet with Desire ($1028 Value)

✅ 11 Texts to Send her in Excitement ($1197 Value)

Word-for-word Attraction Sequences ($1497 Value)

✅ The Shit Tests Bible ($3197 Value)

✅ The Irresistible Kisser ($1998 Value)

✅ Action Step Cheatsheet: Week 4

What you are about to own is the greatest piece of transformational product ever written in history for men.

And I don’t say that lightly.

Join 3,500+ Charming Misogynists


Q) These Dating Courses are a Scam & won’t work!

You're correct.

99% of the courses in this space are scams.

You’ve worked hard for your money.

I don’t want you to waste it on average courses that barely “Get” you laid.

Because trust me, I’ve been in your situation not too long ago.

I was borrowing money from friends and family to be able to buy courses I couldn't afford.

And boy, I was scammed A LOT.

Courses that were so average that only god will punish their creator.

I HATE these kinds of “gooroos” with passion.

Unfortunately, these bad actors are still around.

You follow them, and you’ve even come across their products.

They have the same promise, the same hope, just one thing is different on the outside.


None of the others can sell their course for the price Seduction Bible (Freedom Edition) sells for.

You know why?

Because they know their course doesn’t work.

Because they know that nobody is going to buy.

And the ones who do will put bad reviews everywhere.

They’re just out here to put together a few words and sell it in the hope of making some money.

They price it as such.

My course, Seduction Bible, works.

3,400+ badasses swear by it.

100% 5 star ratings.

I can price it at that point because I know it works.

I can double a price and men of action will still buy it.

Because I say that with belief and purity in my heart,

I’m giving it away for WAY CHEAPER than it’s worth.

want the best for you, but I can only show you the door.

You have to ultimately walk through it.

There are TONS of other guys who are buying it as you read this,

  • and they’re the ones that will be attracting the girls
  • they desire, they’re the ones who will build a badass social circle,
  • they’re the ones who will live the life they’re dreamed of.

Q) What you're teaching is manipulation.

Some guys, understandably, will say what I teach is Manipulation.

I have a question for these guys-

If you love a girl...

and if you know what you're doing is going to be the best thing that ever happened to her....

and she would THANK HEAVENS for it...

then is it the "bad" kind of manipulation?

In my opinion, it is the BEST KIND OF MANIPULATION.

The SAME kind that brought you here, and the same kind that will make you GREAT.

What you're about to learn will change your life FOREVER.

Women will respond to you sexually everywhere you go.

Men will look at you with fear and respect in their eyes.

Your eye contact will tell them everything they need to know-

"This is a Man who has his sh*t together"

Q) Is this something that gets delivered to my home address?

No. Seduction Bible is a digital program.

You'll receive an email as soon as you hit "I want this" which has the private link to the members area.

I chose this approach because:

  1. It’s faster.

You don't need to wait for your copy to ship to your door -- which would take a few days or weeks.

  1. It offers complete privacy.

No need to work hard to hide anything physical in a secret drawer at your home or in your office.

Everything is online and accessible from any device so it's totally away from unwanted eyes. You’ll be the ONLY one who knows about it.

  1. Accessibility
  • Let's say you're on a date with this girl, and it's not going well. Take a bathroom break and open the hacks on the Gumroad app! Then go back and charm her pants off.
  • Or if you're texting her while commuting to work. Simply tap 2 buttons and you can get all the information. It's the Fort Knox of sleeping with beautiful women-


Q) I’m a complete beginner at Game, Dating, and talking to Women. Is this for me?

That’s the beauty of this course.

You DON’T need ANY prior experience in the dating game.

Inside Seduction Bible, I’m going to first change your identity, your belief systems, build the strongest, iron-clad frame for you, build up your seductive, charming tonality, and ONLY THEN, give you the word-for-word techniques to say.

It will teach you the A-Z of approaching, talking, escalating, closer, retaining, and so much more.

Just look at this badass, who lost his virginity through Seduction Bible.

Q) I Want to Focus More on Creating a Social Circle-

I know that’s a major aspect of life.

I’ve included A whole section titled “The Social Circle Bible” & “Introvert to Extrovert” which will guarantee your success- making homies out of men and wing girls out of women 😉

With an amazing social circle, you'll quickly become the "talk of the town" and

Q) I Don't want to be a Player. I just want to find "THE ONE".

I respect that.

In fact, the goal is never to sleep with endless women.

The goal is to sleep with the kind of women you DESIRE, while you BUILD a life worth living, creating LIFELONG memories with the people you enjoy spending time with.

This is why Seduction Bible focuses on COMPLETE growth. From Social Circle, to having Status, to Meeting Women.

Not just any basic, run of the mill, Instagram h*e.


Women who will respect you & stay loyal till the very end (yes, they exist)

And most importantly…

Women who will bear your children, who will raise your family and ensure a strong, healthy, competent bloodline.

When I read the testimonials, it puts a smile on my face because it reminds me of the years of effort I put into the program, to make it the ONLY guide ANY MAN needs to create his dream life.

Q) I'm from India/Africa/Other countries- Does this work here?

Every woman at her core, is the exact SAME.

But most men will never understand that because they're always going to get rejected due to "cultural" and "societal" norms.

Game DESTROYS these by getting her into her primitive, feminine body that makes her want you inside her NOW.

There are no "cultural differences" for alphas, they only exist for beta males.

As you can see from this Gentleman's Review-


Q) Will I get access to a community?


We have a FREE Mastermind for the Freedom Edition owners.

2,000+ Verified Gs who are on the same path as you.

We talk not just about women, but more about business, influence, money, life, and brotherhood.

No other program in the space has such a POWERFUL community of Gs as we do.

Name has been changed to "Brotherhood of Badasses". Just feels more authentic haha

Q) Is this for everyone?

I thought about this one for a long time.

And I realised that The Seduction Bible is way too powerful to be in the hands of some average sh1tmuncher.

There are literally word-for-word techniques inside that will attract ANY woman.

There's even a guide on literally making her fall in love with you.

So here's who it is not for:

  • Guys who drive poorly
  • Guys who have bad breath
  • Guys who have bad intentions with women

Q) Do I have to wait 4 weeks to go through the entire program?

Absolutely NOT.

Seduction Bible is a self-paced program.

ALL 4 weeks are INSTANTLY accessible to you.

If you want to get instant results, you can go though the entire 4 weeks in a single day and start going out with beautiful women that VERY SAME DAY.

Q) I don't want my family/accountant to know I purchased this.

I completely understand.

This will come as "" on your Bank Statement, so don't worry, your privacy is secured ;-)

Q) Do You Offer Payment Plans?

Due to the Nature of this program, I don't offer part-payments.

However, you can go for a lower-tier of Seduction Bible and Upgrade later by paying the difference!

Q) How Much Does it Cost?

As you can imagine… something this powerful is NOT going to be free.

Let's talk about the cost of NOT investing in the Seduction Bible.

If you don’t begin mastering the game TODAY…

Not only are you MISSING OUT on thousands of beautiful women waiting to meet the most badass version of yourself…

You're ALSO going to get LEFT IN THE DUST by all the OTHER THOUSANDS OF MEN who are purchasing Seduction Bible as we speak.

They will take those women away from YOU.

Not just women, but more importantly...

You will miss out on the skills required to get into High-Value Social Circles through which you can be around badass men and beautiful women while on your purpose.

Through the persuasion, influence, and charm skills, imagine the million dollar business opportunities you will miss out on.

Indeed, this course is worth MILLIONS.

But I won't be charging $1,000,000 for it.

I won't even be charging $100,000.

If fact,

I'll shoot my own foot and not even charge $10,000

At this moment?

The price of The Seduction Bible is ONLY $159.


Here's how it compares to what you already spend on-

  • Useless University Degrees cost $30,000-$100,000, Degrees which put you in debt and make you a corporate slave.
  • You’ve spent more (and will continue to) on ABSOLUTELY USELESS things like those Jordan Sneakers that you thought would get you laid but didn’t.
  • On crypto pump and dump scams, on useless NFTs that you bought because “wen 10x”
  • Your phone that costs way more and you change it every other year bro. (whereas Seduction Bible teaches you skills that last your entire lifetime, with regular updates)
  • You'll need to spend way more on simping- taking her on useless dates and gifts for a girl you're not even 100% attracted to.
  • Dinners/ Coffee Dates where you got friend zoned (you won’t even have to go on as many dates With Seduction Bible, because girls will be ready to come back to your place INSTANTLY)
  • And most importantly, the wrong woman could cost you MILLIONS in divorce and destroy your bloodline as a whole.

Next time you check, Seduction Bible could be $250.


Because I’m CONSTANTLY improving and upgrading the course.

I’m always adding new modules and battle-tested hacks that’ll help you effortlessly attract 9s and 10s.

And also because of the incredible testimonials and people literally telling me HOW UNDERPRICED THIS COURSE IS-

As you can see, some of these guys paid $129, some paid $139, because they got in early.

But you can also see, there were only 28 guides at that time.

Today? There are 33.

I'm always raising the prices because of two reasons:

1) I keep upgrading the program, and

2) I want ONLY the most dedicated men, who pay for the BEST.

Tap "I Want This" & Unleash Your Most Attractive, Charming Badass Inside You,

And Effortlessly Sleep with the 9s and 10s Whenever YOU want 🔥

And of course, the badasses inside will receive ALL of the updates and additional modules FOR FREE.

Stop thinking of this course as a “purchase”

Think of it as an investment spread out over 50 years.

because that’s how long these skills will last.

Game is a lifelong skill,

and if you can’t invest $159 over 600 months in proven methods and techniques that have helped guys JUST LIKE YOU attract unimaginably beautiful women?

You’re NOT gonna make it.

Not just that, you're going to fall BEHIND the THOUSANDS of men who are betting on themselves and applying the hacks inside the Seduction Bible right now.

And so my promise to you is bold and simple

If You Don’t Sleep with a Beautiful Girl Within 60 Days, I Will Personally Refund 100% Of Your Money. 

Now that might seem like a downright STUPID offer (for me) - but that’s how confident I am in my work.

If you apply the hacks in the FREEDOM EDITION of this course and STILL don't get laid - send me an email and I’ll send you back 100% of the money.

( I’m extremely responsive on Twitter @becomeamanagain for any help you need )

When you Learn Game, you Enter a New Reality.

3 dates will become 2, and then 1.

Eventually, you won't even have to go on dates, or put as much effort-

Even the girls you meet at social events (through your incredible social circle) will simply come over to your place because of the massive social proof and flawless game, as I do.

Men have searched for 1000s of years for ways to make Women want to have sex.

And they've gone as far as Pheromones, Drugs, Chemicals, and you knowall the stupid stuff that Disney taught guys to do 🤡

And NONE of that Shit works AT ALL. In fact, it REPELS Women.

You have the choice of obtaining something that millions of Men, literally hundreds of millions of men have been searching for for centuries.

You have it right here.

You will have Seduction Bible,

and the guys around you won't.

Imagine having that Edge. 

There is ONE problem, though.

I don't know how much longer this course will be available...

The Feminists DON'T Think Any Man Should Have THIS MUCH POWER Over Women and more importantly, YOURSELF.

They are trying to take down our Instagram-

But they won't stop at that.

They are trying to take down our Twitter.


$159 is the current price. (and it's always increasing)

You're ONE CLICK away from gaining the forbidden secrets to DO:

  • Whatever YOU want,
  • Whenever YOU want,
  • & With the Kind of Women YOU want!

Can you Handle GORGEOUS Girls, BETTER friends, and RICHER Opportunities in your life?

If you answered "FVCK YES I CAN!",

only then-

Tap "I Want This" & Unleash Your Most Attractive, Charming Badass Inside You,

And If you've ever been hurt by a girl or gone through any pain like that,

It only lasts 100X longer if you don't have the skillset built up.

One day or day one?

P.S- This will come as "" on your Bank Statement, so don't worry, your privacy is secured ;)

P.P.S- If you want to pay via BTC/ETH, Email me-

Since You Have Read All The Way HERE...

I want to have a heart-to-heart conversation with you.

I know all this sounds UNBELIEVABLE.

“It’s a goddamn course, probably a scam like all the others out there” is what you must be thinking.

Well, I understand why.

Lemme guess...

You have had an eventful day.

Not physically, but mentally.

You were thinking about your past, and worrying about your future, weren't you.

You want to achieve so much, and while you’re relatively young, you know that time flies very soon.

You did not even care or worry about women yesterday.

But today?

Doubt has started to creep in.

  • “Will I ever find a woman who I'm deeply attracted to and who’s madly in love with me?”
  • “Will I have to rely on porn and worse, hookers, to fulfil my needs while I see all of my peers enjoying loving relationships?”
  • “Is there something wrong with me?”
  • “Am I just plain and simple: unlucky?”

Do you know why I’m able to understand what’s going through your mind on a day-to-day basis?

Because I was where you are, staring into a deep dark hole, not long ago...

I had the same fears, the same doubts, the same worries going through my head everyday.

But when I wake up today, I’m able to do so with a smile on my face.

Not because I have the women,

Not because I have the social circle,

Not even because I am respected by my peers and every person I meet.

All that’s cool, and of course I’m happy I got that going for me.

The REAL reason I wake up with a smile every day?

Is because I KNOW that because of The Seduction Bible, there are thousands of guys in every corner of this world who don’t have those worries anymore.

Because I know what it’s like to not have control over your own life.

It drains your energy and takes time away from the things you need to urgently do to become better.

You end up deep diving into a horrible feedback loop of self pity and negativity.

When I go through the success stories of guys inside Seduction bible,

it fills my heart up with happiness.

I know that because of my efforts, there are guys who’s lives have been CHANGED forever.

Bloodlines have been transformed.

Guys who would be destined to die single, or live miserably with an entitled, unattractive woman who's complaining all the time and draining them of their resources.

Yes, especially those guys... will now create healthy, strong, and beautiful families with the kind of women they love, and who love them back.

And this is reflected in Seduction Bible’s ratings.

100% 5 star ratings ONLY.

Not a SINGLE dude has given it anything less.

When I say it’s the best resource on the internet to transform your dating and personal life, I say it with utmost purity and belief in my heart.

Trust me like you always have, and I will over-fucking-deliver like I ALWAYS HAVE ❤️‍🔥

Tap "I Want This" & I'll Welcome You Inside.

I want this!
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