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Seduction Bible: Become a High-Value Man & Sleep with 9s & 10s

810+ Action-taking Men have used the Seduction Bible to Sleep with over 5472+ Beautiful Women (and counting!)

And Today - You Get Access To The Same Forbidden Hacks that allow you to effortlessly attract the kind of women you DESERVE, instead of settling for 6s and 7s like you have been.

*(or your money back)

Can I share a personal story with you?

I had two close friends back in high school. 

Both were as good as the average guy in high school gets with girls- not very good.

However, they both found a girl and started dating.

Of course, they became too needy and attached to their girlfriends.

Unsurprisingly, both their girlfriends cheated on them.

They were devastated; almost suicidal.

But, one decided to learn Game and Seduction IMMEDIATELY (This guy had it worse- his girlfriend cheated on him with his best friend!)

while the other guy gave up and started doing drugs, playing video games, and god knows what.

I went to a different city soon after and we all lost touch.

But many years later, I ran into them on separate occasions.

The guy who learned Game & Seduction was in the BEST SHAPE of his life- Mentally, Financially, and Sexually.

The other guy who gave up?

He became fat, got married to an average woman who treated him like a slave. He couldn’t do anything either because he didn’t know how to attract any women- he became UNATTRACTIVE.

One used the pain as FUEL, the other merely DRIFTED into oblivion.

The reason I'm sharing this?

You might be at a similar crossroads.

➤ You might’ve recently gotten out of a toxic relationship,

➤ or you want to bed that cutie in your high school/university.

➤ or you’re just a young man who wants to learn Game & Seduction to have options of women he can choose from.

➤ You could even be a Man in your 30s-40s wanting to explore the dating market again.

➤ Heck, you could even be a happily married man who wants to reignite the passion with your wife.

The Solution? 

Seduction Bible.

Is this You?

➤ You feel approach anxiety and don’t know what to talk about with women.

➤ You want to get out of the Friendzone.

➤ You struggle to respond to her Shit-Tests.

➤ You want to create an incredible social circle of high-value men and beautiful women.

➤ You want to DESTROY the inner introvert and become an extrovert.

➤ You are often unable to keep the conversation flowing.

➤ You *want* to have multiple women you can choose from.

➤ You want to move things forward with girls you've known for a while now.

➤ You are unable to escalate the conversation verbally & physically towards sex.

➤ You want to be sexual with women without coming off as creepy.

➤ You often face last-minute resistance from women.

➤ You're on a journey towards becoming a Desirable and Attractive Man.

➤ You want to take Action, but Don't Know Where to Learn Game 

➤ You want to say "FUCK YOU!" to the Haters.

If that resonated with you, Seduction Bible is EXACTLY the solution you've been looking for.

What if you could Destroy your Weaknesses and Learn to tap into Hacks that would get you Beautiful Women, Whenever YOU Wanted?

What Seduction Bible is NOT:

❌ This is *NOT* like those 1000-Page courses which have 999 pages of bullsh*t and 1 page of an upsell.

What Seduction Bible Is:

✅ This course has been designed to be Applicable IMMEDIATELY.

✅ My goal when creating this course was to make sure you get ATLEAST a 100x Return on your Investment. 

✅ The FREEDOM Edition contains 28 GUIDES that will cover everything you will EVER need to become successful with Women, Wealth & DOMINATE your life.

✅ By Mastering Seduction, Attraction, and Game, you will get Beautiful Women and access to many high-value circles & opportunities Worth Millions of Dollars! 

✅ Below is EXACTLY everything that Seduction Bible will teach you:-All 28 guides have been organized into these folders to make it easier for you to learn!

What Seduction Bible will do for You:

✅ This course will tell you EXACTLY what to do, and how often to do it.

✅ Because these are Techniques that you're going to be able to use to get Laid Whenever YOU Want for the Rest of your Life

Men have searched for 1000s of years for ways to make Women want to have sex and they've gone as far as Pheromones, Drugs, Chemicals, and you know all the stupid stuff that Disney taught guys to do.

And NONE of that Shit works AT ALL. In fact, it REPELS Women.

You have the choice of obtaining something that millions of Men, literally hundreds of millions of men have been searching for for centuries.

You have it right here.

All 28 GUIDES have been arranged into folders for your convenience. Note- The Freedom Edition contains ALL THE 28 GUIDES!

✅ You will have Seduction Bible, and the guys around you won't.

⫸ Imagine having that Edge. ⫷

Here's what the Action-Taking Men are saying:

In fact, Seduction Bible even helped this guy LOSE HIS VIRGINITY! 

(screenshots from inside our Brotherhood )

These are all guys just like you; maybe even worse off before.

Q) Do you want the 9 Templates & 250+ Responses for ANY of her Shit Tests?

+Master your Frame & Make her Bend over.

Solution ➤ The Shit Tests Bible ($996 Value!)

Q) Do you want to understand how women think and Speak their Language "Womanese"?

  • The 17 principles to master Female PsychologyMake women say "He just gets me"Bonus expanded tweets of my own

  • Understand why you are unable to turn women on and get them to submit

Solution ➤ Refer "Female Psychology Decoded" ($350 Value)

Q) Want to Build an Incredible Social Circle of High-Value Men & Beautiful women?

  • New to the City?

  • Want to turn strangers into Best Friends?

  • Women into Winggirls and f*ckbuddies?

  • Building Social Proof at New Venues?

Solution ➤ The Social Circle Bible covers it ALL. ($850 Value)

Q) Do you want to Learn the Fundamentals of Texting- Mindset, Purpose, Key Elements?

  • How to get her to respond and never be left on "read" again

  • Calibration

  • Meme game

  • Escalation

Solution ➤ Refer " The Texting Bible" ($510 Value)

Q) Do you Want to Learn the Holy Grail of A-Z of Attracting & Seducing Women?

  • Mastering your Mindset and Understanding her Psychology

  • How to approach and Open women

  • How to Build Comfort, display value, and Lead with Physicality

  • Handling Objections and Maintaining FrameClosing her & Bonus

Solution ➤ Refer to "From Mindset to Closing" ($620 Value)

Q) Do you want to break out of your Introvert Shackles and FINALLY be able to Present yourself Fully as an Extrovert?

Solution ➤ Introvert to Extrovert in 6 Steps ($535 Value)

Q) Are you Interested in knowing-

  • The best opening texts

  • Flirting and building attraction over text

  • The correct way to ask her out

  • Making her your wing girl and getting you more women

  • Prevent girls from flaking dates

  • Creating a " Bubble" around you twoHow to make girls send you n*des

Solution ➤ Refer "11 Texts to Make her Wet in Excitement" ($496 Value)

Q) Do you want the 6 Sacred, Mind-Blowing Techniques that make her want to sleep with you and F*ck you ALL NIGHT LONG?

Solution ➤ Open "The Holy Sextuple" ($471 Value)

Do you want to realize the Deadly mistakes that turn her off and put you in the Friendzone?

  • The subtle things that you can change to avoid them

  • How to maintain the balance and get her to invest in you

  • Get out of the Friendzone and get the edge over other guys

Solution ➤ Refer "The Biggest Text Game Mistakes" ($385 Value)

Q) Do you want her to Open up & Develop a Deep Connection with you? 

Solution ➤ Charismatic Questions that make Women Open up ($514 Value)

Q) Do you want to Master your Appearance, Personality, Behavior & Master Body Language Hacks?

  • Covers Going out, Networking, & Building a great social Circle

  • Style, Colognes & Grooming

  • Become a guy that women actually want to be around

  • Learn the correct Power Poses, Movements, Progression, etc

  • Perfecting your Chin, Feet, Shoulders, Hands, Mirroring & Eye Contact

Solution ➤ Refer to "Foundational APB" & "High-Value Body Language ($455 Value)

Q) Do you want to learn the EXACT Lines to tell her during sex, which makes her come in desire? 

Solution ➤ Refer to "69 Lines to Master your Sexual Talk" and "Words that Make her Wet" ($669 Value)

Q) Did you know, most Soulmates NEVER meet because you never catch her attraction Signals?


Solution ➤ Rejection-Proof Signals of Female Attraction ($598 Value)

Q) How to Spot when Women Manipulate you and how to effectively Counter it & Keep F*cking DOMINATING?

Also helps in retaining quality women long-term (99.99% fail at this)

Solution ➤ Female Manipulation & Ways of Countering ( $714 Value)

Q) How to Make her Bend to your Frame & DOMINATE EVERY Conversation (=Gain Respect and Power)?

Solution ➤ Frame Control & Conversational DOMINANCE ( $783 Value)

And Much More to Improve your Mindset, create systems, and become a Successful, High- Value, Masculine Man all around.

✅ Winning Metaphors 

✅ Social Anxiety Destroyer

✅ Social Circle & Life Audit

✅ Shit Tests Annihilator

✅ Psychology Secrets

✅ Action Step Cheatsheet

✅ Rules of Life Affirmations

✅ Ace the Day 2

✅ Habit Tracker

✅ Daily Frame Control Practices

What's more?

The investment into this course is LESS than what you would have to spend simping on her!

In fact, after you apply the gold that's inside, 

She'll fall head over heels in love with you.

She'll think about you all day long, imagining all the things you're going to do to her that night.

3 dates will become 2, and then 1. 

Eventually, you won't even have to go on dates, or put as much effort-

Even the girls you meet at social events (through your incredible social circle) will simply come over to your place because of the massive social proof and flawless game, as I do.

I say this not to brag, but because I want you to know.

If you've ever been hurt by a girl or gone through any pain like that,
It only lasts 100X longer if you don't have the skillset built up.

Does Sleeping with Beautiful Women, Getting into High-Value Social Circles & Receiving Business Opportunities Worth Millions Sound Worth the Price of 1 Date to You?

You must be thinking…

Q) Why should I buy this?

If you can afford to waste countless years getting rejected and still not learning the game or women, you shouldn’t buy this. OR, spend less than a date’s worth to get the proven secrets worth their weight in gold.

Q) I’ve lost complete hope. Will this work?

I know how that feels. I was in the valley of despair not long ago too, getting cheated on by my then-girlfriend. All it took was that ONE leap of faith- Seduction Bible is THE ONE, if you CHOOSE.

Besides, 114 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Reviews don't lie.

Q) I’m a virgin, will this still work?

I’ll let a brother who recently bought the seduction bible answer that for you 👇🏻

Q) I’m a COMPLETE newbie at Game, Dating, and talking to women. Is this for me?

That’s the beauty of this course. You DON’T need ANY prior experience in the dating game. It will teach you the A-Z of approaching, talking, escalating, closer, and retaining! You never have to get rejected again.

Q) I have difficulty socializing, will this help?

I know that’s a major problem, hence I’ve included “The Social Circle Bible” & “Introvert to Extrovert” which will guarantee your success- making homies out of men and h*es out of women 😉

Q) So, how much does it cost? 

As you can imagine… something this powerful is NOT going to be free.

But before you come to a decision…

I want to remind you that NOT investing in the Seduction Bible is going to cost you BIG in 2021 (and 2022)

If you don’t begin the journey of mastering the game TODAY…

Not only are you missing out on thousands of beautiful women waiting to meet the most badass version of yourself…

You're ALSO going to get LEFT IN THE DUST by all the other men who DO purchase Seduction Bible and take those women away from YOU.

At this moment, the price of The Seduction Bible is $129 

But at one point in time, it cost just $19


Because I’m constantly improving and upgrading the course.

I’m always adding new modules and battle-tested hacks that’ll help you effortlessly attract 9s and 10s.

In fact, I will be raising the price very soon, because of the incredible testimonials and people literally telling me HOW UNDERPRICED THIS COURSE IS-

(screenshots from inside our brotherhood)

And of course - my students will receive ALL of the updates and additional modules at no extra cost.


And so my promise to you is bold and simple

If You Don’t Get Laid Within 60 Days, I Will Personally Refund 100% Of Your Money. 

Now that might seem like a downright STUPID offer (for me) - but that’s how confident I am in my work.

If you take the FREEDOM EDITION of this course, genuinely implement the principles, techniques, and hacks for 60 days, and STILL don't get laid - send me an email and I’ll send you back 100% of the money.

You have my word. 

( I’m extremely responsive on Twitter @becomeamanagain for any help you need )

I don't know how much longer this course will be available...

The Feminists DON'T Think Any Man Should Have THIS MUCH POWER Over Women.

They're actively trying to get this taken down as you're reading this!

Come Join the DOMINATING Top 1% of Men before it's TOO LATE.

* We Sleep with THE Women
* We Close THE Deals.
* We Live THE Life.


$129 is the current price.

The price is always rising and...

You're ONE click away from gaining the forbidden secrets to-

  • Do whatever YOU want,

  • Whenever YOU want,

  • and with the Kind of Women YOU WANT.

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122 ratings

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  • $129 Gets you-ALL 28 PDF Guides (Total Value $9780) | 584 Pages Total | 50,000+ Words + FREE Consultation Session


Seduction Bible: Become a High-Value Man & Sleep with 9s & 10s

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