Seduction Bible: Become a High-Value Man & Sleep with Beautiful Women

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Seduction Bible: Become a High-Value Man & Sleep with Beautiful Women

Masculinity Rediscovered
248 ratings

Over 2,388+ Action-taking Men from 109 Countries have Already Made the Small Investment & Used The Seduction Bible to Sleep with Beautiful, Feminine Women!

And Today - You Get Lifetime Access To The Same Forbidden Hacks that allow you to Effortlessly Sleep with Beautiful, Feminine Girls, instead of settling for average ones that will destroy your bloodline and legacy.

(or your money back)

Men are Getting DESTROYED.

Up until a few years ago, learning game wasn't necessary.

You could have been the average dude, went about your day, doing average things.

And still got girls where you lived because that's all the world basically was.

But with social media today?

Every girl has hundreds of dudes in her DMs from rappers, influencers, high-value men all competing for her attention.

How does the average guy set himself apart?

How do you win against rappers with millions of followers, billionaires with super yachts, or even the "rich dad" types who can take her on expensive vacations?


The unfortunate reality is, most men will be stuck with porn FOREVER.

Because the top 1% of dudes are getting ALL the women.

It’s gotten so bad, that even average, low quality women are being hit on from all angles by men.

The bottom feeders don’t have ANYTHING to feed on.

It’s shocking to see above average men, I’m talking about CEOs, jacked, successful men struggling with dating.

Men who a few years earlier would've been slaying at dating.

In 2022 and beyond, you’re competing with a global pool of men for the best women, wealth, and social circle opportunities.

That is why learning game is CRITICAL.

Stop "Getting Laid".

You see, most guys are happy to "get laid"

But these words imply that attracting the girl was "an ACCIDENT", out of their control.

That they "got lucky" and that they "got something from the girl" like a needy beta male.


Who wants to be a PUA artist who has to depend on lines and routines to attract women, that too after 1000 approaches like a d*rk?

Not me.

Not you, either (I hope)

I want to transform you into the KIND OF MAN who women fight over, who women obsess over, who women CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF.

The kind of man who can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants because "he wants to" and STILL Make Girls Hooked to Him.

And MORE Importantly,

The Kind of Man who is doing all this while crushing his goals, creating incredible memories with his amazing social circle, and DOMINATING his purpose, living a life of COMPLETE FREEDOM.

That's what I want for you.

All Men Want to BE YOU and All Women Want to BE WITH YOU.

And Seduction Bible is the #1 resource on the internet to do it.

I know all this sounds UNBELIEVABLE.

“It’s a goddamn course, probably a scam like all the others out there” is what you must be thinking.

Can I Share My Story With You?

I'll be honest with you.

Up until a few years ago, I was the guy who girls didn't want to touch with a 10-foot-pole.

I had a bunch of friends from childhood who didn't respect me, but I stuck with them anyway for two reasons:

1) Because I didn't know how to make new ones, and

2) I liked someone giving a fvck about me.

I couldn't ask someone in the street for directions if my life depended on it, so I was happy to be the "sidekick", the "male bestfriend", the "nice guy"

One of the girls in my locality liked me, I had no idea why. But looking back, I realise it was because she wanted to get back on her toxic ex boyfriend.

(She wanted to pick the biggest loser to make her ex mad)

I didn't know it at that time, and frankly, I didn't care.

I loved her a lot and she loved me back. (or so I thought)

Life was fine.


I had just found out that the supposed love of my life had cheated on me with my best friend.

All the time, dedication and heart wrenching love poured into a relationship that ended up fuelling the most depressed time of my life.

I still remember that day.

I couldn’t live with the shame and pain.

"What will my friends say?"

"How will I even go out in public anymore?"

For the next few days, I sat on my couch, play video games all day, and jerked off every night before i cried myself to sleep.

I couldn't take it any longer. The pain was too much man.


To describe myself as an empty shell of who I was, was an extreme understatement.

In a moment like this I had two options-

I could call it quits, waste all the effort my loved ones took, disrespect my bloodline, and end my life.

Or I could muster the strength to rise to the occasion and get back at life and my evil ex.

Post traumatic stress or post traumatic growth.

The decision was mine.

But the little courage that I had left inside, somehow, it gave me hope.

I couldn’t go down like this.


I decided to rise against the odds and screamed so loud that the neighbors were about the call the cops.



I kept my feet down and worked on my game for the next 6 months. I bought tons of courses, joined bootcamps, many of which were absolutely trash PUA sh*t that doesn’t work.

But through practice, failure, and refinement, I changed my introverted self into an extrovert.

I built my social circle during the day and partied hard with them at night- where I approached and slept with beautiful women.

6 months later, I made that ex my f*ckbuddy, till I got bored of her and dumped her. I moved to a different city, where she FOLLOWED me. I banged her there for a while as well and dumped her again.

My REVENGE was complete 🔥

But at this point, I didn’t even care.

I was drowning in attention and devotion from beautiful women & connecting with powerful men everywhere I went.

That is the power of psychology, persuasion, game, and influence.

And If you've been hurt like me before, or going through something similar right now...

I want you to know from personal experience-

If you don't do anything about the pain, it only grows stronger and deadlier.

Which is why...

I'm FINALLY Revealing ALL MY SECRETS inside The Seduction Bible.

Is this You?

➤ You feel approach anxiety and don’t know what to talk about with women.

➤ You want to get out of the Friendzone.

➤ You struggle to respond to her Shit-Tests.

➤ You want to create an incredible social circle of high-value men and beautiful women.

➤ You want to DESTROY the inner introvert and become an extrovert.

➤ You are often unable to keep the conversation flowing.

➤ You want to have multiple women you can choose from.

➤ You want to move things forward with girls you've known for a while now.

➤ You are unable to escalate the conversation verbally & physically towards sex.

➤ You want to be sexual with women without coming off as creepy.

➤ You often face last-minute resistance from women.

➤ You're on a journey towards becoming a Desirable and Attractive Man.

➤ You want to take Action, but Don't Know Where to Learn Game 

➤ You want to say "FUCK YOU!" to the Haters.

If that resonated with you, Seduction Bible is EXACTLY the solution you've been looking for.

➤ You might’ve recently gotten out of a toxic relationship and just need to get back into dating again.

➤ You want to bed that cutie in your high school/university.

➤ You’re just a young man who wants to learn Game & Seduction to have options of women he can choose from.

➤ You could even be a Man in your 30s-40s wanting to explore the dating market again.

➤ You could be a Virgin with ZERO experience. (Seriously, even if you’ve never held hands with a girl, this course will get you up to speed. Because it focuses on 360 Degree Growth- changing your Mindset & Identity)

➤ You could be the guy who spent all of his 20s focusing on your career, got to where you wanted to and now want to have some fun without wasting any more time

➤ You could be a Shy introvert who are sick and tired of losing to the extroverted popular guys

➤ You could be the dude who's had enough of settling for girls you're not really interested in

➤ You could even be already pretty good with women but you want the types of women you really desire.

➤ Heck, you could even be a happily married man who wants to reignite the passion with his wife.

Imagine destroying your weaknesses and learning to tap into Hacks that would get you Beautiful Women, Whenever YOU Wanted...

Would That Be Worth Investing In?

Because that's EXACTLY What these guys did Using The Seduction Bible-

And you know what?

These are all guys just like you; EVEN WORSE OFF before they got their hands on the Seduction Bible

What Seduction Bible will do for You:

✅ This course will tell you EXACTLY what to do, and how often to do it.

✅ You will start Becoming the Highest Status version of yourself, networking with powerful men and sleeping with beautiful women, the kind you only see on Instagram.

✅ My goal when creating this course was to make sure you get ATLEAST a 100x Return on your Investment. 

✅ The FREEDOM Edition contains 29 GUIDES that will cover everything you will EVER need to become successful with Women, Wealth & DOMINATE your life.

Q) Are you tired of failing the Shit-Tests that Women throw at you?

  • Done for you 250+ responses to the most frequently occurring shit tests that women use
  • The Templates, logic behind each test, what it implies, the bad responses and the good ones!

Solution ➤ The Shit Tests Bible ($1806 Value!)

Q) Want to Build an Incredible Social Circle of High-Value Men & Beautiful women?

  • New to the City?
  • Want to turn strangers into Best Friends?
  • Women into Winggirls and f*ckbuddies?
  • Building Social Proof at New Venues?

Solution ➤ The Social Circle Bible covers it ALL. ($1250 Value)

Q) Do you want to Master Texting?

  • How to get her to respond and never be left on "read" again
  • How to calibrate to her texts
  • The wrong and right way of using meme game
  • Escalation over text and planning meets

Solution ➤ Refer " The Texting Bible" ($810 Value)

Q) Do you Want to Learn the Holy Grail of A-Z of Attracting & Seducing Women?

  • Mastering your Mindset and Understanding her Psychology
  • How to approach and Open women
  • How to Build Comfort, display value, and Lead with Physicality
  • Handling Objections and Maintaining FrameClosing her & Bonus

Solution ➤ Refer to "The Cold Approach Bible" ($920 Value)

Q) Do you want to break out of your Introvert Shackles and FINALLY be able to Present yourself Fully as an Extrovert?

  • Why you're still an introvert even after trying everything
  • The simple steps that nobody ever tells you to become an extrovert
  • As long as you can open your mouth and produce sound, you can become an extrovert

Solution ➤ Introvert to Extrovert in 6 Simple Steps ($535 Value)

Q) Are you Interested in knowing-

  • The best opening texts
  • Flirting and building attraction over text
  • The correct way to ask her out
  • Making her your wing girl and getting you more women
  • Prevent girls from flaking dates
  • Creating a " Bubble" around you two
  • How to make WOMEN SEND YOU NUDES.

Solution ➤ Refer "11 Texts to Make her Wet in Excitement" ($996 Value)

Q) Do you want the 6 Sacred, Mind-Blowing Techniques that make her want to sleep with you and F*ck you ALL NIGHT LONG?

  • Mind-bending hacks that make her want to get in bed with you
  • Stand out from the 99.99% of Men
  • How to make her go from "what does this simp want from me" to "I can't wait to get f*cked by him"

Solution ➤ Open "The Holy Sextuple" ($671 Value)

Q) Do you Know the Deadly mistakes that turn her off and put you in the Friendzone?

  • The subtle things that you can change to avoid them
  • How to maintain the balance and get her to invest in you
  • Get out of the Friendzone and get the edge over other guys

Solution ➤ Refer "The Biggest Text Game Mistakes" ($385 Value)

Q) Do you want her to Open up & Develop a Deep Connection with you?

  • you can spit game and still get rejected- because ZERO TRUST.
  • Make her reveal herself inside out & invest emotionally into you.
  • Make ANY woman REVEAL SECRETS that she doesn't even tell her best friends
  • Develop deep trust and rapport, and make her feel like she's known you FOREVER.

Solution ➤ Charismatic Questions that make Women Open up ($914 Value)

Q) Do you want to Master your Appearance, Personality, Behavior & Master Body Language Hacks?

  • Covers Going out, Networking, & Building a great social Circle
  • Style, Colognes & Grooming
  • Become a guy that women actually want to be around
  • Learn the correct Power Poses, Movements, Progression, etc
  • Perfecting your Chin, Feet, Shoulders, Hands, Mirroring & Eye Contact

Solution ➤ Refer to "Foundational APB" & "High-Value Body Language ($655 Value)

Q) Do you want to learn the EXACT Lines to tell her during sex, which makes her come in desire?

  • Make her cum with just your words
  • Sex is more mental than it is physical for women

Solution ➤ Refer to "69 Lines to Master your Sexual Talk" and "Words that Make her Wet" ($669 Value)

Q) Did you know, most Soulmates NEVER meet because you never catch her attraction Signals?

  • Know exactly which women is into you in clubs, bars, and any social place
  • Reduces rejection drastically
  • "you just get her" and she gets you in the bag. win-win ;)

Solution ➤ Rejection-Proof Signals of Female Attraction ($798 Value)

Q) How to Spot when Women Manipulate you and how to effectively Counter it & Keep F*cking DOMINATING?

Solution ➤ Female Manipulation & Ways of Countering ( $714 Value)

Q) How to know EXACTLY what to say (so you DON'T have to apply your willpower AT ALL)?

  • Done for you conversation patterns that spark attraction
  • Piques her curiosity in you ("how does this guy get me so well!?")
  • Never run out of things to say in conversations ever again

Solution ➤ Word-for-word Attraction Sequences ( $1100 Value)

Q) How to Make her Bend to your Frame & DOMINATE EVERY Conversation (=Gain Respect and Power)?

  • Maintain frame and power in your relationships
  • Make women worship you
  • Women won't even IMAGINE being with a different man when you apply the ONE hack inside.

Solution ➤ Frame Control & Conversational DOMINANCE ( $783 Value)

And Much More to Improve your Mindset, create systems, and become a Successful, High- Value, Masculine Man all around.

✅ Winning Metaphors

✅ Social Anxiety Destroyer

✅ Social Circle & Life Audit

✅ Shit Tests Annihilator

✅ Psychology Secrets

✅ Action Step Cheatsheet

✅ Rules of Life Affirmations

✅ Ace the Day 2

✅ Habit Tracker

✅ Daily Frame Control Practices

You must be Wondering....

Q) I’m a complete beginner at Game, Dating, and talking to Women. Is this for me?

That’s the beauty of this course.

You DON’T need ANY prior experience in the dating game.

Inside Seduction Bible, I’m going to first change your identity, your belief systems, build the strongest, iron-clad frame for you, build up your seductive, charming tonality, and ONLY THEN, give you the word-for-word techniques to say.

It will teach you the A-Z of approaching, talking, escalating, closer, retaining, and so much more.

Just look at this badass, who lost his virginity through Seduction Bible.

Q) I Want to Focus More on Creating a Social Circle-

I know that’s a major aspect of life.

I’ve included A whole section titled “The Social Circle Bible” & “Introvert to Extrovert” which will guarantee your success- making homies out of men and wing girls out of women 😉

With an amazing social circle, you'll quickly become the "talk of the town" and

Q) I Don't want to be a Player. I just want to find "THE ONE".

I respect that.

In fact, the goal is never to sleep with endless women.

The goal is to sleep with the kind of women you DESIRE, while you BUILD a life worth living, creating LIFELONG memories with the people you enjoy spending time with.

This is why Seduction Bible focuses on COMPLETE growth. From Social Circle, to having Status, to Meeting Women.

Not just any basic, run of the mill, Instagram h*e.


Women who will respect you & stay loyal till the very end (yes, they exist)

And most importantly…

Women who will bear your children, who will raise your family and ensure a strong, healthy, competent bloodline.

When I read the testimonials, it puts a smile on my face because it reminds me of the years of effort I put into the program, to make it the ONLY guide ANY MAN needs to create his dream life.

Q) I'm from India/Africa/Other countries- Does this work here?

Every woman at her core, is the exact SAME.

But most men will never understand that because they're always going to get rejected due to "cultural" and "societal" norms.

Game DESTROYS these by getting her into her primitive, feminine body that makes her want you inside her NOW.

There are no "cultural differences" for alphas, they only exist for beta males.

As you can see from this Gentlemen's Review-


Q) I think your Course is a Scam & won’t work!


99% of the courses in the Dating Space are Scams that tell you to "be confident bro" and "just go and say hi bro"

I fell for many of those scams when I was just starting out.


That's why I made sure Seduction Bible has ONLY 100% Actionable Advice. No bs, no woo-woo motivation.

Besides, is there any other course in this space with ONLY 100% ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings.

Q) So, How Much Does it Cost?

As you can imagine… something this powerful is NOT going to be free.

Let's talk about the cost of NOT investing in the Seduction Bible.

If you don’t begin mastering the game TODAY…

Not only are you MISSING OUT on thousands of beautiful women waiting to meet the most badass version of yourself…

You're ALSO going to get LEFT IN THE DUST by all the OTHER THOUSANDS OF MEN who are purchasing Seduction Bible as we speak.

They will take those women away from YOU.

Not just women, but more importantly...

You will miss out on the skills required to get into High-Value Social Circles through which you can be around badass men and beautiful women while on your purpose.

Through the persuasion, influence, and charm skills, imagine the million dollar business opportunities you will miss out on.

Indeed, this course is worth MILLIONS.

But I won't be charging $1,000,000 for it.

I won't even be charging $10,000.

At this moment, the price of The Seduction Bible is $149 

  • Useless University Degrees cost $30,000-$100,000 times more. Degrees which put you in debt and make you a corporate slave.
  • You'll need to spend way more on simping- taking her on useless dates and gifts for a girl you're not even 100% attracted to.

Next time you check, Seduction Bible could be $250.


Because I’m CONSTANTLY improving and upgrading the course. I’m always adding new modules and battle-tested hacks that’ll help you effortlessly attract 9s and 10s.

And also because of the incredible testimonials and people literally telling me HOW UNDERPRICED THIS COURSE IS-

And of course - the badasses inside will receive ALL of the updates and additional modules FOR FREE.

Q) Why should I buy this?

Honestly, Seduction Bible is NOT for 90% of guys.

  • Guys who hate women
  • Guys who are lazy, stupid, or arrogant (Or ALL 3)
  • Guys who think it’s ok to lie to women
  • Guys who don’t want the best for women
  • Guys who would simp on their homies to get laid (No girl is worth a masculine, high-value friendship)If you are not committed to applying these hacks, close this page and go back to watching p*rnhub.


If you're an action-taking badass who is ready to become his best self,

And you know my beliefs and values, been following me for a while, there is a good chance you're not any of the above.

Stop thinking of this course as a “purchase”

Think of it as an investment spread out over 50 years.

because that’s how long these skills will last.

Game is a lifelong skill, and if you can’t invest $149 over 600 months in proven methods and techniques that have helped guys JUST LIKE YOU live their dream life-

You’re NOT gonna make it.

And so my promise to you is bold and simple

If You Don’t Get Laid Within 60 Days, I Will Personally Refund 100% Of Your Money. 

Now that might seem like a downright STUPID offer (for me) - but that’s how confident I am in my work.

If you apply the hacks in the FREEDOM EDITION of this course and STILL don't get laid - send me an email and I’ll send you back 100% of the money.

( I’m extremely responsive on Twitter @becomeamanagain for any help you need )

There is ONE problem, though.

I don't know how much longer this course will be available...

The Feminists DON'T Think Any Man Should Have THIS MUCH POWER Over Women.

They're actively trying to get Seduction Bible taken down as you're reading this!

And if there's one thing we've learned over the years... Do exactly what these people tell you NOT to.

I don't know how much longer I can keep the course up.

They want you weak.

They want you to stay at home and cook for your "strong, independent, corporate secretary wife" who you're not even attracted to.

They FEAR the Strong, Powerful, DOMINATING version of you.

Because these are Techniques that you're going to be able to use to Sleep with Beautiful Women Whenever YOU Want for the Rest of your Life.

In fact, after you apply the gold that's inside,

She'll fall head over heels in love with you.

She'll think about you all day long, imagining all the things you're going to do to her that night.

3 dates will become 2, and then 1.

Eventually, you won't even have to go on dates, or put as much effort-

Even the girls you meet at social events (through your incredible social circle) will simply come over to your place because of the massive social proof and flawless game, as I do.

Men have searched for 1000s of years for ways to make Women want to have sex.

And they've gone as far as Pheromones, Drugs, Chemicals, and you know all the stupid stuff that Disney taught guys to do 🤡

And NONE of that Shit works AT ALL. In fact, it REPELS Women.

You have the choice of obtaining something that millions of Men, literally hundreds of millions of men have been searching for for centuries.

You have it right here.

You will have Seduction Bible, and the guys around you won't.

Imagine having that Edge. 

And If you've ever been hurt by a girl or gone through any pain like that,

I just want you to remember...

It only lasts 100X longer if you don't have the skillset built up.


$149 is the current price. (and it's always increasing)

You're ONE CLICK away from gaining the forbidden secrets to DO:

  • Whatever YOU want,
  • Whenever YOU want,
  • & With the Kind of Women YOU want!

Can you handle Hotter girls, MORE money, BETTER friends, and RICHER opportunities in your life?

If you answered "FVCK YES",

Tap "I Want This" & Unleash Your Inner Most Charming, Most Attractive, and Most Dominating Man 🔥

I'm excited for you to experience the newfound power G.


P.S- This will come as "Gum.cc/Masc" on your Bank Statement, so don't worry, your privacy is secured ;)

P.P.S- If you want to pay via BTC/ETH, Email me- mascrediscovered@protonmail.com

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